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With the Go-tcha wristband you can enjoy Pokémon GO on the move without looking at your smartphone! Catching Pokémon and collecting items just got easy - Go-tcha provides on-screen and vibrate alerts – simply tap the Go-tcha screen to grab the items.

Select ‘Auto-catch’ mode and you don’t even need to respond - Go–tcha does it all! Collect Poké Balls, Potions, Eggs, and other items at Poké Stops without having to check your smartphone.

Go-tcha Features

Go-tcha Features 1

Catch Gen I, II, III, IV and V Pokémon

Go-tcha Features 2

'Auto-catch' mode - known, unknown Pokémon and Pokéstops

Go-tcha Features 3

Collect Pokéstop items like Pokéballs, berries and more

Go-tcha Features 4

Animated graphics

Go-tcha Features 5

Touch screen OLED display

Go-tcha Features 6

Vibration feedback

Choose From 3 Wristband Colours!

Select which band suits you best for your Poké-hunting adventures!

Go-tcha Ice White

Ice White

Go-tcha Pixelated


Go-tcha Midnight Black

Midnight Black

User Guide

Download the User Guide for instructions on how to setup your Go-tcha, charge it, link it to the Pokémon Go App, the Go-tcha App and a guide to the animation screens.

Go-tcha Manual Battery Charge

Keep 'App-to-date'!

Download the Go-tcha App to download software updates and change your smartwatch settings. Simply scan the QR code to take you to Go-tcha on the Apple or Android App Store page.

Go-tcha App QR Code Apple
Go-tcha App Logo
Go-tcha App QR Code Android

How-To Go-tcha App Videos

How to upgrade Go-tcha firmware

View your Pokémon Go statistics

The Go-tcha Family!

View the other available products in the Go-tcha range. We're always working hard to improve your Pokémon adventures so keep an eye out for new products.

Go-tcha Accessory Pack

Go-tcha Accessory Pack includes two extra bands for your Go-tcha and an extra charging cable

Go-tcha Evolve

Go-tcha Evolve includes a colour screen, pedometer, battery life indicator and integrated USB charging!

Go-tcha Ranger

Go-tcha Ranger includes a battery so you can charge your smartphone on-the-go and enjoy your Pokémon adventure for longer

Requirements and Compatability

  • Pokémon Go Mobile Game App
  • Device requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone

Compatible with iPhone 5s or above with devices using iOS 10 or above. Compatible with Android 5 or above with devices with 2 GB RAM or more, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 or higher) capability, and Android Ver. 4.4–7.0 installed.

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